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-I was born to be stubborn
to be little bit bitchy
to push people
to push myself
I was thought never to
take life for granted
to live a little
to love with everything I had
to never give up
to believe in myself
but most of all
to FIGHT for myself!!!

-“A smile is a language everybody understands…
It costs nothing but it creates much.”

-Advice From A Tree

"Stand Tall and Proud
Go Out On A Limb
Remember Your Roots
Drink Plenty of Water
Be Content with your Natural Beauty
Enjoy the View"

-we shoud value wat love mean's! love s not only 4 couple, u can celebrate your love to ur friends,& family, the essense of love s gvng! helping-gvng-? it shows love, 8s not always holdng hands,kising,doing everythng etc.! (ajaja u know wat i mean)
love s evrythng,that s fels to ur heart,u can xpres ur love wherevr u go,valentines 4 me s 4 ol da cngles,couple,frnd,family. lastly value da love of GOD,he gv love n evryday of lyf!

-"if there is one mistake in your whole life that
you can tolerate

it is when you are kind even to those
who don't deserve it."

-In a relationship, honesty and trust must exist
If they don’t, there’s no point of loving
So if you can’t afford to be honest
stay single
Love who your heart wants
not what your eyes want
Don’t worry about what others say or think
This love is yours, not theirs"

-“Everything in this world is entirely nothing. But if you would see it as something then your eyes is just looking for temporary.
For in this world, everything is set to be perishable.
Open your eyes not in earthly things, not in famous collections, not in unnecessary activities…
All may not a mistake. In reality, GOD wants to make you as even more excited about the heaven which is indescribably wonderful.”

-"Believe dat d best will happen evryday...Be aware
dat even trials r gfts to makes us strong enaf to face
life each day...
start ur day wid a smile.."

"Every qoutes that I share theirs a music that I can relate from it" :-*

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