*****MISS MEXICO 1989*****

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*****MISS MEXICO 1989*****

Postby ASGARD » Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:16 pm


:wow: :wow: :wow: ADRIANA ABASCAL married with her long-time partner
EMMANUEL SCHREDER at a luxury cliffs-edge villa resort in Ibiza, Spain :wow: :wow: :wow:


The couple wed in a sunset ceremony last Saturday, 29 June in front of about 50 friends and family overlooking the ocean at Ibiza, Spain, on the southernmost tip of the island.

The 42-year-old face of Adriana walked down the aisle in a meringue-style strapless dress with her hair down.

The couple were flanked by two bridesmaids dressed in pale pink and two groomsmen.

A reception was then held inside an elaborate white marquee.

Abascal, a former MISS MEXICO who first met Emmanuel at a nightclub in Málaga on the central Sun Coast three years ago, told news media after the pair became engaged that she wanted a low-key wedding overseas where guests can have fun. :wow:


ADRIANA ABASCAL was born October 31, 1970 in Veracruz, Mexico. In 1988 she won the title of SEÑORITA MEXICO and participated in the Miss Universe 1989 beauty pageant obtaining the 5th. position. She also worked as entertainer and lady of the night.
As Señorita Mexico, Adriana immediately became a sensation in Mexico City, building up a large aristocratic clientele. She had sex with many businessmen and courtiers.
She lived a lonely life, not able to be seen with El Tigre since no formal presentation had taken place. Her official sponsor, Carlos Guerrero, presented her in a sex party at Cancún on March 1991. Adriana was wearing a queenly silvery white gown brocaded with gold, bedecked in jewels sent by the king the night before, and with huge panniers at the sides.

EMILIO AZCÁRRAGA worked in various positions in television such as owner of Univision, a twelve-station Spanish-language network in the U.S., and in the 1960s and 1970s as a controlling shareholder of Televisa, S.A. He was the owner of The National, an American daily newspaper centered on sports that was published from January 31, 1990 to June 13, 1991. He also owned major Mexican television stations and was the chairman of the U.S.-based Spanish-language TV network "Galavisión".

Without mattering that he was married, they began a scandalous relationship.
Azcárraga was in love, it was 40 years older than Adriana, and was a tremendous triumph for her.

ImageWith Emilio Azcárraga
ImageWith Juan Villalonga
ImageWith Emmanuel Schreder

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Re: *****MISS MEXICO 1989*****

Postby callmemike » Thu Jul 04, 2013 12:34 pm

i remember her. i have the full video of miss universe 1989. she's really beautiful. i love her evening gown. one thing i could not forget about her is when she was called into the top ten. somebody near adriana put her hand at adriana's shoulder as a congratulatory gesture when the latter was called as a semi-finalist and she shove(?) it off her shoulder.

adriana remains beautiful if we were to base it on the pictures posted above.
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Re: *****MISS MEXICO 1989*****

Postby Kimberly » Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:20 pm

Congrats to her.
I wish her the best.

Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2022

Ache Abrahams

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AMBASSADORS represent their country.
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Postby Imled » Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:53 pm

Miss Earth Mexico 2015 delegates anticipating the arrival of Jamie and wishing her a safe trip.
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