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Pageant Newsmaker/s of the Year 2019 Final Round Voting

PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 1:35 pm
by ajsy0203
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After the first round of voting, there 6 finalists (there was a tie in 5th place) in the final round of voting for "Pageant Newsmaker/s of the Year". In your opinion which 6 is your choice for "Pageant Newsmaker/s of the Year"?


Nominee #1: Coco Arayha (Miss Grand Thailand 2019 & Miss Grand International 2019 2nd Runner Up)
This finalist posted a comparison of an edited pic of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and Miss Grand International 2018 Clara Sosa that angered the fans of Catriona. Even worse she won the pageant and the pageant owner tell Catriona to "lose weight". Not all Thai netizens were happy about her action and some of the netizens were criminally charged after they bash against Coco. Eventually she finished 2nd Runner Up at MGI 2019 in Venezuela

Nominee #2: Nia, Cheslie & Kaliegh with Emanii & Regina (African American national pageant winners for 2019)
It seemed that 2019 pageant season in America was the year of African women. It started with Nia's win at Miss America 2019 then it continued with Kaliegh's win at Miss Teen USA 2019 and Cheslie's win at Miss USA 2019. Also the monumental victories of Emanni and Regina for American representatives at Miss Earth 2019 and Miss Supranational 2019 respectively.

Nominee #3: Samantha Lo (resigned BBP-Grand Intl. 2019) vs BPCI
It seemed that not only Venezuela and Coco was the center of attraction for the controversial edition of MGI, Samantha Lo was part of the MGI 2019 drama because of the questionable passport when she needed a transit visa to Venezuela. After that she was detained at Paris airport but later released thru diplomatic reason of BPCI. After the incident, she decided to continue the pageant against BPCI orders. She arrived very late and competed at her own but she ended up as a clapper.

Nominee #4: Shweta vs Gazini (Best in National Costume issue)
Aside from Gazini was eliminated after she failed to enter into the Top 10 but also she was deprived from getting the Best in National Costume award recognition at the finals night of Miss Universe 2019 when suddenly Shweta appeared in and claimed that she won the Best in National Costume. Hours after the finals, MUO corrected the mistake and Gazini was the actual winner of Best in National Costume. This was the first time since 2015 that a Best in National Costume made the first cut.

Nominee #5: Zozibini & Toni-Ann (black Miss Universe & Miss World 2019)
For the first time in pageant history that 2 black women won in the "Big 2" pageant. Zozibini Tunzi became the first black South African to win Miss Universe and in Big 5 pageants while Toni-Ann Singh became the fourth Jamaican to win Miss World after 26 year drought.

Nominee #6: MUO, IMG & Fox Network (Miss Universe 2019)
It seemed that Miss Universe 2019 deemed the "worst pageant" among the Big 5 pageants during the year end recognition from Missosology. The last minute announcement of venue and the disorganized preliminary and final competition tells it all. Fox Network should be blamed for this mess because they insisted to air the pageant on December sweeps as opposed to January 2020 by MUO that led to ratings decline in the US and in the Philippines.

So which among the 6 finalists is your "Pageant Newsmaker of the Year" for 2019? Cast your vote at:

Voting will end January 14, 2019 at 10 PM Philippine Standard Time.

Re: Pageant Newsmaker/s of the Year 2019 Final Round Voting

PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 1:46 pm
by ajsy0203
Honorable Mentions:
Veronika Didusenko (dethroned Miss Ukraine 2018) vs Miss World Organization
The fight for the re-acceptance of single and unwed mothers continue after the 2018 pageant when the dethroned Miss Ukraine Veronika Didusenko filed lawsuit against MWO. To add more burden, she recently went to UN.

Miss Grand International Organization (MGI 2019 in Venezuela)
MGI 2019 was considered to be the most controversial edition in the history of MGI because they took the risk to hold this pageant in the crisis laden Venezuela. From 75 contestants last year, it dropped to 60 (including the last minute arrival of Samantha Lo). The highlight of the pageant was the George Wittels' crown presentation show and the free tickets for the national costume, preliminary and final show.

Paweensuda "Fashai" Drouin (Miss Universe Thailand 2019)
Many were thought that Fashai would finally win an international title after her heartbreaking loss at Miss Earth 2017, but once again the onstage question proven to be her "Achilles heel" and fell short of winning the pageant for the 2nd time.

Madison Anderson, Andrea Piecuch & Sudawan Kumdee (Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2019, Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2019 & Miss Grand Ireland 2019)
It seemed that "Pageant Carpetbagging" is now a trend, if you lose to one place then you move to another place to win the crown. Sudawan's case was different because she was appointed by MGI org. and Miss Grand Ireland national director after the original winner resigned. Some insider claimed that Sudawan has dual citizenship and lived in Ireland during her childhood days.

Siera Bearchell
Former Miss Supranational 2015 1st Runner Up and Miss Universe Canada 2016 produced a vlog about Miss Earth 2019 review but her video received negative criticisms after she did not do the research about the pageant and even worse she dug the past issues surrounding the pageant that was already answered by Carousel Production themselves.