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UNOLOGY: MISS UNIVERSE 2019 Pre-Arrival Hotpicks

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:03 am
by UNO - God of Beauty


Well, it is indeed the time of the year when all of us Pageant Experts and Pageant Fanatics are all glued monitoring our favorites at this year's edition of Miss Universe. And I must say, I am very impressed at this year's batch not only because of their stunning looks, nor their individual achievements, but I am fascinated with their own stories and their own personal journeys. Miss Universe indeed has evolved and is continuously evolving. Though yes, I really felt that this year's hosting is a bit rushed as the girls will only be spending a couple of weeks, but Miss Universe is Miss Universe. This will always be like watching the Oscars. And in the tradition here in Missosology, all of us Pageant Experts are here to share our opinions to who should we all be watching for, or who among these gorgeous ladies are considered the favorites and the crown contenders.

Let me all start my pre - arrival hot picks with the girls who are in my ALMOST list.



Czech Republic, Barbora Hodačová

As a fashion model, Barbora indeed has all the goods. That face alone is to die for, but we need to see more character from her. We do not want to see her a bit cold, but also we do not want a version of Miss Albania from last year which is a little too much. If she can maintain a perfect balance of sophistication and charisma, then she can outshine other favorites from Europe. Czech Republic hasn't score yet a win at Miss Universe. From 2007 to 2010, the had been penetrating Top 10 / Top 15. For eight years straight, they have been missing the cut. Barbora can finally break their drought this year. As of now, she is in my ALMOST list.

Peru, Kelin Rivera

My fellow pageant experts like Qarlo had been noticing her and now we are closely observing Kelin as we can't deny her beauty. She is not a newbie into pageants as she was Miss Peru second runner up. In 2013, she was unplaced at Reina Hispanoamericana. Well, she was really young then. She again came back in 2018 and placed second runner up at Miss Peru national pageant. She represented her country in Miss Eco-International 2018 were she placed second runner up. This year perhaps is her lucky year as she finally bagged the Miss Peru title after her third try. Who knows, maybe the stars are finally aligning for her. Latin America's first ever win was via Gladys Zender in 1957. Sadly, that remains to be Peru's one and only win. The last time they placed at Miss Universe was in 2016 (Top 13).

Slovakia, Laura Longauerová

Laura was Miss Slovensko 2014 and represented her country at the 2014 Miss World where she was unplaced. After four years, she bagged the Miss Intercontinental Slovakia and later placed second runner up at the 2018 Miss Intercontinental to the eventual winner from the Philippines, Karen Galman. This year, in collaboration with Miss Ceska 2019, Laura bagged the Miss Universe Slovakia 2019 title. The very first time Slovakia sent a delegate at Miss Universe was in 1994 where Silvia Lakatosova managed to place in the Top 6 along side Lou Parker of USA and Charlene Gonzales of the Philippines. Slovakia hasn't scored a placement since then. This could be their lucky year, let's wait and see.

Jamaica, Iana Tickle Garcia

Why is she so gorgeous? It is because she is mixed Swiss and Cuban. At 5'1O, Iana indeed is a stunner and could easily climb up in our post arrival list. Jamaica is currently enjoying a two successful run at Miss Universe as in 2017, they bagged 2nd runner up, while last year, they placed in the top 20. Not so many years ago, Kaci Fennell placed as fourth runner up (2014), while Yendi Phillips almost gave their first win as she placed first runner up in 2010. With three Miss World crowns (1963, 1976, 1993), Jamaica indeed hungry for their first Miss Universe win.

Netherlands, Sharon Pieksma

Why do I think Sharon might place at this year's Miss Universe? Well, we all know that Miss Universe nowadays is about what you can share in the world. And her story indeed is something Miss Universe would like to address. In 2017, she told in a TV interview that she had been sexually assaulted several times when she was just a 15 year old model. When she joined Hollands Next Top Model, she was also criticized by the judges as they say, she was too big to be a fashion model. Sharon indeed is someone I am watching for because aside from having an inspiring story to share, she indeed exudes this beautiful and positive aura. The Netherlands has actually bagged a Miss International in 1961, two Miss World crowns in 1959 and 1962, and a Miss Universe in 1989. Their closest bid for another Miss Universe was in 2014 where Yasmin Verheijen placed as third runner up.


Let's begin my TOP 20 in NO PARTICULAR order.

Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

I can definitely say that in this region, another bloodbath is coming our way. These gorgeous ladies indeed are vying only for 5 slots and in a very competitive region like in South America, surely there will be deserving ladies who will sadly be left out in the dark.

Puerto Rico, Madison Anderson

Definitely, after last year's successful top 5 placement by Puerto Rico at Miss Universe, Madison indeed is a wise choice. In my mind, with all of her pageant experiences from Miss Florida Teen USA 2014 where she placed fifth; Top Model of the World 2015 where she again placed fifth overall; up to her bid at Miss Grand International 2016 where she placed fourth overall, I already knew that she will bagged the Miss Puerto Rico 2019 title. She is indeed exuding a lot of class, and indeed is serving you face. I know, Madison is another delegate this year who will wow us, and I expect her to do well come finals night.

Colombia, Gabriela Tafur

After last year's exclusion of Colombia at Miss Universe, this country indeed is sending a weapon with a Paulina Vega caliber in the person of Gabriela Tafur. For now, I will be very short, but I am certainly sure that Gabriela is up for a big fight. Watch out.

Mexico, Sofia Aragon

Every year, Mexico has been sending goddess-like candidates, and this year, they are yet again sending a goddess - Sofia Aragon. Truthfully, she is giving me the Ximena Navarette vibe, and I can't help but put her right away in my top 5 from the region of Americas.

Brazil, Julia Horta

I already have discussed from my other thread, that it will be poetic to see a Filipina crowning a Brazilian after 50 long years since Martha Venconcellos crowned the very first Filipina Miss Universe Gloria Diaz (1969). Brazil had been enjoying a fruitful decade in the 60s with two Miss Universe crowns (1963, 1968), yet since then, they hasn't scored another win. And when Julia Horta was crowned earlier this year, I was already convinced that this could be the year Brazil has been waiting for after five long decades. And, even up to now, Julia has maintained her frontrunner status. What I love about her beauty is the fact that she is very charismatic and approachable. Indeed, Julia is a crown contender.

USA, Cheslie Kryst

While we are not seeing any major hype about Cheslie, still, we can't really count her out as she indeed can eat you alive the moment she opens her mouth. The last time a black woman was crowned Miss Universe was in 2011 (Leila Lopes, Angola), and USA has been eyeing for another win since their only black Miss Universe, Chelsi Smith (1995 Miss Universe winner) has sadly departed last year. Cheslie is a silent killer, and while we are all focused on the hyped girls this year, she might just pull a fast one and give Tyler Perry a black Miss USA win.



Last year, Europe was weak. But this year, this continent is loaded with crown worthy girls. Talking about ladies that are tall, accomplished and with goddess-like faces, this is indeed one of the strongest batches from Europe in recent years. In fact, three girls from my Bubbling up, and two from my Wildcards are Europeans.

France, Maëva Coucke

The very moment her name was appointed as the representative of France at this year's Miss Universe, we already knew, she is the ULTIMATE GAME CHANGER. After being considered last year by almost all pageant sites and experts as their bet for Miss World 2018, Maeva indeed has proven that she is a formidable force. She is now the face of Renault and Daniel Wellington, proving that MUO can actually gain a lot if they will crown a marketable queen like her. To some, they will say, France has just recently won in 2016. But how about the Philippines who just won in 2015 and yet bagged another win in 2018? So it is no longer an issue especially Maeva looks very regal and expensive. Her face indeed screams Miss Universe, and she truly has the aura of a superstar.

Albania, Cindy Marina

Another goddess from Europe that surely is giving everyone chills. Hands down, Cindy indeed is one of the strongest delegates at this year's competition. She is tall, blonde, a model, speaks fluent English as she was born in Chicago, and she's sporty. She even trained with pageant veterans, the duo of Miss Universe 2004 first runner up Shandi Finnessey and Susie Castillo (Miss Universe 2003 Top 10 Finalist). For now, I will not be saying much because I know in my next review, she will still be placed in my crown contenders list. Take note, she is the one who will open the prelims.

Great Britain, Emma Jenkins

One of the most charming and nicest candidates this year indeed. Last year, Great Britain placed a spot in the finals, and surely this year, they will again place as Emma indeed is exuding an undeniably gorgeous face. She even reminds me of Ashley Graham. Let's all remember that Great Britain has NEVER won Miss Universe to date. While Miss World, a British owned pageant has crowned United States three times (1973, 1990, 2010). And who knows, Brits can finally score a win this year at the American soil.

Ireland, Fionnghuala O'Reilly

For the past two years in a row, Ireland is placing at the Top 10 / Top 20 at Miss Universe. And sending an Irish-American model who is an engineer for NASA would definitely continue their placements, and perhaps Ireland's first ever Miss Universe crown. Why not? Fionnghuala first competed in 2017 at the Miss DC USA 2018. She bagged third runner up and won the best in swimsuit. Ireland's highest placement at Miss Universe was second runner up both in 1963 and in 1983.

Germany, Miriam Rautert

Another mixed beauty that I am so glued is Miriam Rauter (German/Trinidad and Tobago). With a degree in Journalism and corporate communication, she is indeed equipped with all the goods Miss Universe is looking for. Germany has been a sleeping dormant in pageantry. Their last placement at Miss universe was in 2002 (Top 10). From 1952 to the time when they bagged he Miss Universe title in 1961 via Marlene Schmidt, Germany was enjoying their placement streak. They even have two Miss World crowns (1956, 1980) and two Miss International titles (1965, 1989). Yes, Germany nowadays is no longer considered as a powerhouse, but sending a truly beautiful delegate this year, can truly sale things up. Look at her:




Merging Asia with Africa and Ocenia together blows my mind, especially at a year like this year as there are truly a number of delegates coming from these regions that are deserving, strong and truly crown contenders. Imagine last year, three from the Top Five came from this region (Vietnam, South Africa and the eventual winner Philippines).

Philippines, Gazini Ganados

People might be comparing her to Catriona as she is her predecessor, but Catriona is different, and Gazini is different too. They are like apple and orange. Uncomparable. And I am certain, Gazini is aware that Catriona indeed is a tough act to follow. But what I like about Gazini is her natural charisma and she stays away from being a version of either Catriona or Pia. Her beauty is a stand out even in group photos and can definitely stand head to head with other crown contenders like Colombia, Brazil, South Africa, Albania and France. And when it comes to stage, she is indeed a performer and a crowd pleaser. She has the energy, and that "it factor" making her truly remarkable. She is young and vibrant, and she has this positive energy that is truly infectious. A back to back win is definitely not impossible.

Thailand, Paweensuda Drouin

I truly hope she can find her own individuality and her team should stop copying the obvious (you all know what I mean). She has the goods, but I do not want to see her every look and be reminded of another queen. For now, that's all I can say.

Vietnam, Hoàng Thùy

After Vietnam's top 5 finish last year, they are again sending another worthy queen. Miss Universe is not just about sending the most hyped candidate, but Miss Universe is looking for that woman who has that special quality. H'Hen Nie is special and Hoang is also equally special. If H'Hen Nie was the Venus Raj of Vietnam, then Hoang can be their Shamcey Supsup whom can even surpass what H'Hen Nie has achieved. I will continue watching this girl. So classy indeed.

South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi

USA, Ireland, Germany, Dominican Republic, and Iceland - what do these girls have in common that might cancel each other out? Their looks. But, Zozibini is thankfully different from these other girls. Her individuality (something I wish Fahsai would have the soonest possible) indeed is making her a stand out. Yet again, South Africa is being represented by a very strong contender.

Australia, Priya Serrao

She is indeed one of the most natural yet still very appealing candidates this year alongside Miss Iceland. Australia since last year has stayed away from their usual Miss Australia prototype, which is really good. Priya is playing this very subtle approach, but us pageant experts can still notice her presence, and I am absolutely not counting her out in our my list.




To be divided in three regions where Miss Universe will only choose five, and knowing that it is a very competitive batch like this year, to be included in the wildcard list enables you to still have that fighting chance. In 2017, Philippines (Top 10 placer), Venezuela (Top 5 Placer) and Jamaica (Top 3 Placer) were all called in the Wildcards. Last year, Venezuela once again was called as a wildcard and yet finished second runner up overall.

Indonesia, Frederika Alexis Cull

Trained by Lu Sierra, Frederika is expected to do well at this year's edition. I love her fighting spirit even though I am not a fan of hers yet. Still, I believe she has a fair chance and I can't wait to see her at Miss Universe. She is giving me a little of Sophida Kanchanarin vibe (Miss Thailand Universe 2018).

India, Vartika Singh

Second runner up at the 2015 Miss Grand International, Vartika indeed is one of my sentimental favorites. Hopefully, India will have a comeback this year, and Vartika indeed has all the goods. I truly felt, last year India was robbed big time.

Iceland, Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir

Another girl from Europe whom I consider should place. In her bio, she says that she was also a victim of racism and had experience violence and verbal abuse because of her skin color. This is one thing her and Miss Belgium Angel Pia can both share in their fight against racism.

Chile, Geraldine Gonzalez

Aside from being a law student, what I like about her is her I inner will. Last year, she was second runner up at Miss Chile, and on her second attempt, the stars aligned to her bagging the the title of Miss Chie 2019. And what do I love most about her? It is her face. She is so exotic yet so charming.

Belgium, Angeline Flor Pua

Miss Universe has always been interested with her and her story as even last year, the Miss Universe instagram and Facebook has featured her. As a commercial pilot, a model and a beauty queen, Angel indeed has a story that can inspire the whole Universe. Her natural beauty and intelligence are her strengths at this years edition.




While it seems too early to predict a winner as of this moment, in my opinion, if Miss Universe is happening tomorrow, I am definitely putting my money to Miss FRANCE. You may google her, or check her Instagram, you will see why she is currently the face of this year's batch. Miss Universe is looking for an ambassador who can best represent their brand. Business-wise, there is huge market for Maeva. Yes, Asia nowadays has been the milking pot of MUO, but Europe also has the money. For now, I am fine seeing a red hair woman to wear the new Miss Universe crown.




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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:21 am
by dgo

Re: UNOLOGY: MISS UNIVERSE 2019 Pre-Arrival Hotpicks

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:26 am
by GloriaDiazUniverse
France-Colombia-Philippines-Brazil-Albania is, indeed, the PERFECT, DREAM, FABULOUS TOP 5. :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/

All goddesses and charismatic. :!! :!! :!! :!! :!!

Re: UNOLOGY: MISS UNIVERSE 2019 Pre-Arrival Hotpicks

PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 8:18 pm
My top are:

1. Thailand
2. India
3. Vietnam
4. Japan
5. Philippines

1. Albania
2. Armenia
3. France
4. Ireland
5. ?

1. Brasil
2. Chile
3. Dominican Republic
4. Haiti
5. Puerto Rico

1. Argentina
2. El Salvador
3. South Africa
4. Mexico
5. Venezuela

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2019 9:57 pm
by Springfield
Go Philippines!
Go Belgium!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 2:00 pm
by koji
Springfield wrote:Go Philippines!
Go Belgium!

:hx :hx :hx :hx :hx :hx :=p :=p :=p :=p :=p :=p

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by yahbot25
Love the review!

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 1:48 am
by lutosfeet
Aside from our very own Gazini, I'm also eyeing for Mexico's Sofia Aragon, her beauty is mesmerizing and such a classic! :"> :"> :"> :-* :-* :-*

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 8:10 pm
by Bonggacious_Miguel
I’d like to see the non-sash countries in your list such as Belgium, The Netherlands, and Slovakia actually make the cut.

On the other hand, I’d be happy to see ugly candidates such as old-looking USA and trannyish Venezuela clap.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 10:56 pm
by Eternalsunshine



? (Albania but personally I dont like her)


BELGIUM (story behind)
USA (sash factor + education level)[/b]